Seeking Counsel

Proverbs 15;22

Plans fail when there is no counsel, but they succeed when counselors are many.


Prior to me seeking recovery through a 12 step program I was my own counsel. It was my own wise counsel that got me into the addiction or as the saying goes in the Program “it was my own best thinking that got me in here.” Jesus is my primary counselor and the first counsel I wish to seek when dealing with my daily resentments and pride. However, as this passage in Proverbs states my best success in dealing with my daily resentments and pride is when I seek counsel from the many people God has brought into my life to help me succeed in recovery, like my family, friends, sponsor, LIFE group members, pastor, and countless others. This scripture passage from Proverbs is most certainly reflected in the 12 steps, and I now better understand the wisdom of each step beginning with We and not I because I have learned that it was the I that kept me living in the addiction, and it is the We that has helped me live in freedom from it.

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