Humility Destroys Lust

Psalm 51: 19

A heart contrite and humbled, O God, you will not spurn.


Feeling spurned or rejected by a person we love is often a major emotional trigger that precedes an addictive behavior. The Psalmist offers the solution to feeling accepted which is to be humble and contrite. I have discovered that many times when I feel rejected by a person I love that it is a direct result of my pride and lust for wanting to be desired by that person. When I ask God to create in me a humble and contrite heart it allows me to think of the needs of the person who I feel rejected by, and it helps me understand that their actions that I perceived as rejection may be a result of a wound they have experienced. By acknowledging their wounds and brokenness, I am then free to offer them support and love so they do not feel spurned. Pride and lust want to take from the other. A humbled and contrite heart is able to desire the good of the other, thereby spurning pride and lust.

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