The Shelter of God’s Wings

Psalm 36: 1-7

Sin speaks to the sinner in the depths of his heart. There is no fear of God before his eyes. He so flatters himself in his mind that he knows not his guilt. In his mouth are mischief and deceit. All wisdom is gone. He plots the defeat of goodness as he lies on his bed. He has set his foot on evil ways, he clings to what is evil.


When a heart is directed by sin as the psalmist speaks of here, we flatter ourselves with words of justification and entitlement. Over time this self-flattery numbs us to the guilt of our sin, and we start to lie in the bed of evil thoughts and unfulfilled promises. Starting in verse 10 of the psalm is where our heart can find its true justification and entitlement through living a life with pure thoughts and fulfilled promises in the shelter of God’s wings. It reads as such: “To both man and beast you give protection. O Lord, how precious is your love. My God, the sons of men find refuge in the shelter of your wings. They feast on the riches of your house, they drink from the stream of your delight. In you is the source of life and in your light we see light.”

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