Don’t Worry If They See Your Defects

Often I talk with addicts who refuse to work the steps and fully surrender to God and the Church (Catholics believe Christ is the Church- see CCC 787 because of a common struggle contributing to their refusal for help, they are afraid of their failings and being discovered. If you relate to this struggle, I offer this text from Saint Jose Maria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, to help you work through this struggle. the hope is you will surrender yourself more fully to Christ through attending support meetings and the Church, where everyone shares in your defects, and you may experience healing and comfort.

25 April 2020
“Don’t worry if they see your defects”
The more I am exalted, Jesus, the more I want you to humble me in my heart, showing me what I have been, and what I will be if you leave me. (The Way, 591)
Don’t forget that you are a… dust-bin. That’s why if by any chance the divine Gardener lays his hands on you, and scrubs and cleans you, and fills you with magnificent flowers, neither the scent nor the colour that embellish your ugliness should make you proud. Humble yourself: don’t you know that you are the rubbish bin? (The Way, 592)

You are humble not when you humble yourself, but when you are humbled by others and you bear it for Christ. (The Way, 594)

Don’t worry if they see your defects; the offence against God and the scandal you may give; that is what should worry you. Apart from this, may you be known for what you are and be despised. Don’t be sorry to be nothing, since then Jesus will have to be everything for you. (The Way, 596)

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