Jesus Is Inviting You

I hear people quite often say “You are either with me or you are against me.” What I gather people mean when they say this is that if you do not agree with me or follow what I am doing then you are not my friend, and I have no further use for you. I use to believe these were the words Jesus said to me when I sinned, especially when I fell into grave sin. After I acted out with porn or had a night of binge drinking the dialogue playing my head was that Jesus no longer wanted any parts of me. I didn’t show him my love so I didn’t deserve His love. I now know this to me false. In fact, Jesus love of me is not based on me following Him or living a sin free life. If it were He would not have died on the Cross and returned to his disciples after the Resurrection, after they all betrayed him, to offer them forgiveness and invite them to go and forgive others and invite them into the Church. He offers us forgiveness even without deserving it. He forgave those while he was dying on the Cross and he continues to forgive me and you. As I drew closer to Him in scripture, receiving the Eucharist, and praying the rosary I began to accept his invitation of love and forgiveness. More importantly, I began accepting his invitation to love and forgive others. The world needs more people that know how to love and forgive. This is impossible on our own. Only with God through Jesus Christ is this possible. I only need to accept his invitation, and let Him do the rest! Pray for the willingness and watch what He can do for you.

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