Being a Valentine

Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day. I remember as a kid always wanting a young lady I had interest in to be my valentine. I realize now the selfishness of this request. Let me explain by explaining what I believe to be the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. To me Valentine’s Day is not celebrate a day but to celebrate the spirit of a person saint Valentine. Saint Valentine was a martyr for the faith, dying a cruel death under the hands of the Emperor Claudius in Rome. The Emperor Claudius made marriage illegal because it was taking men away from serving in the army. Saint Valentine, a priest of Rome, did not support such an unjust law, and he continued to marry couples in secret. It is believed that when he was caught, imprisoned, and before he was beheaded he left a goodbye note for the jailer’s daughter, who he had befriended. The note was signed “From Your Valentine” Valentine expresses the true essence of Valentine’s Day, whether you are married or not, which is to express to the people in our lives that I am your lover, and I am willing to die for you. This is how Christ loved us. This is why I stated my request for another to be mine was selfish because it lacked desiring the good of the other. I now approach those that I love by saying I wish to be your Valentine. By being a Valentine I am saying that I will sacrifice my life for you, give all I have to you, and I desire your good. This is the spirit of Saint Valentine and Saint Valentine’s Day. I finish with the Prayer of Saint Valentine. May his intercession bring you joy and happiness in being a Valentine, not just for today, but every day.

Dear Lord, who art high in the Heavens,
Giver of Love and Passion,
And He who strings the heart’s cords,
Lead the Lovers this day, February ten plus four.
The day during the month of two,
When the date is the perfect number of God
Greater two souls and two hearts.
Some Loves are fleeting ,
But that which is built on you will never fail.
So guide the Lovers to know what is to be.
Your truths the Lovers’ mouths should speak,
For Your truth is that which is honest to the heart.
Only this, then, should pass over the red lips of the Lovers.
Your art, the Lovers simply a medium.
It is only with True Hearts that You can create a Masterpiece,
So let the Lovers remember that their Soul’s Desire
Is the one for which You light their Fire.
And let it be You who creates the Art of the Lovers;
The art of two into one.


One thought on “Being a Valentine

  1. My dear siblings in Christ, a very blessed Sunday before Lent. Thanks, brother Jeff. Society places so much pressure upon couples, and guilt/shame upon singles, that this post/explanation is so needed today…and everyday.
    King Jesus considers each of us His sweetheart…and He loves us so so much.


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