I Surrender

My first sponsor always emphasized defining terms because it helped one to understand the importance of that term in relation to my current circumstances. The word surrender is a very important term to define because it is critical to progressive victory over lust and our addiction. So what does it mean to surrender? Some may … Continue reading I Surrender

Don’t Worry If They See Your Defects

Often I talk with addicts who refuse to work the steps and fully surrender to God and the Church (Catholics believe Christ is the Church- see CCC 787 because of a common struggle contributing to their refusal for help, they are afraid of their failings and being discovered. If you relate to this struggle, … Continue reading Don’t Worry If They See Your Defects

Sexual Sobriety Starts with Desiring Chastity

To understand the connection between sexual sobriety and chastity one must first define sexual sobriety. The definition of sexual sobriety used by the Saint Joseph Men of Integrity Group is no sex with self or partners other than your spouse within a heterosexual marriage, and any sexual behavior used to medicate negative emotions, whether within … Continue reading Sexual Sobriety Starts with Desiring Chastity